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Slash Taps Demi Lovato For "Orgy Of The Damned"!

Slash, released his album "Orgy Of The Damned", with a video that features Demi Lovato!

Lovato brings her powerhouse voice to "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone", a cover of the autobiographical single by THE TEMPTATIONS, as Slash grew up on the song as a kid.

"That was so left-field for everybody involved, because she's from the pop world. But I had this very distinct idea in my mind of her voice delivering that lyric and the emotional content of that story. I know her background. She's had her share of missteps in life, and we've known each other for a little while, so I called her up and I asked her about it. It turns out that that song really meant a lot to her. So she came in and delivered a powerhouse fucking vocal that I think will be a huge surprise to people that are familiar with her other stuff." Slash said.

Slash went for a cover of the Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac classic “Oh Well,” and called on country rocker Chris Stapleton!

The song, written by Green for the band's third album, "Then Play On," is a staple of Green's time in the band. The song may be the most covered, of Fleetwood Mac's early years, including renditions from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Haim, Aerosmith, Jason Isbell, Joe Jackson and the Eels.

“So, this is the original Fleetwood Mac, which was founded by Peter Green, one of the greatest singer-songwriter-guitar players, he’s less known in the public, but very well known to us guitar players re the 60s British blues and he’s up there with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Nick Taylor,” Slash said. “I remember hearing the song on the radio when I was probably 13, they used to play both the older version of Fleetwood Mac and the new version of the band with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham a lot. I always loved this song, and it’s a great guitar riff. I jammed it with the Blues Ball back in the ‘90s, and I’ve played it live here and there. I knew from the beginning I wanted to do the song on this record. It was also one of the songs that I was trying to figure out who would be the right vocalist for it, and one of the ideas I had was Chris Stapleton, who is one of the most brilliant singer songwriters today. He’s also got such a gritty and distinctive voice, so I called him up and he did an amazing job. I mean, his voice is so cool.”

The 12-track album features AC/DC's Brian Johnson, AEROSMITH's Steven Tyler, Iggy Pop, Chris Stapleton, THE BLACK CROWES' Chris Robinson, ZZ TOP's Billy F. Gibbons, BAD COMPANY's Paul Rodgers, Demi Lovato and Gary Clark Jr.

"Slash is a legendary talent and friend I've known for years, so I was thrilled to collaborate with him again for his project. He brought such an amazing energy when we were in the studio and reimagining this iconic song together was effortless and fun. He had such a clear vision for the song and I'm grateful that he wanted to honor my story. I'm so proud of what we created!" Lovato said.

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