VIDEO: Nate Diaz Chokes Out Man on Street into Unconsciousness

UFC 202 - Weigh-in

Photo: Getty Images

Former UFC brawler Nate Diaz has gone viral in a video that shows him choking a man into unconsciousness in New Orleans.

The incident occurred Friday night after Chris Avila’s victory over Paul Bamba at the XULA Convention Center. Video shows Diaz put the man – identified as Rodney Petersen, a TikTok star known for looking like Logan Paul – in a chokehold. After Petersen passes out, Diaz walks off, leaving him on the ground, the clip reveals. It’s unclear what started the fight.

The 38-year-old Diaz is scheduled to fight Logan Paul’s brother, Jake Paul, later this year.

Should Diaz be allowed to fight Paul after this incident?

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