This Is The Best Christmas Tree Farm In North Carolina

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For many people who celebrate Christmas, decorating a tree that will sit proudly on display for the season is one of the activities they look forward to the most. While some celebrators may choose an artificial tree that they can pack away once the presents are unwrapped, others enjoy the extra holiday spirit that a live tree can bring.

Parade recently searched around the country to find the best Christmas tree farm in each state where festive frolickers can choose the perfect tree for their celebrations.

According to the site, Cartner's Choose n' Cut in Newland is the best Christmas tree farm in North Carolina. This family-owned farm as been serving select garden centers and independent retailers for more than 60 years, but anyone interested in picking out their own tree can experience the farm's Choose n' Cut option. All you have to do is find your perfect tree and they will cut it down, prepare it for your tree stand and even tie the baled tree down on your car for easy transport.

Cartner's Choose n' Cut runs from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. November 19-20, November 24-27 and December December 3-4. Cartner's Tree Farm is located at 901 Balsam Drive in Newland.

Here's what Parade had to say:

"Get ready for a Christmas palooza at Cartner's Choose n' Cut in Newland! From endless Christmas decorations, trees, and wreaths, you'll find everything to decorate your home to welcome Santa."

Check out the full report on Parade to see the best Christmas tree farms around the country.

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