Carolina Panthers Finalizing Their 53 Man Roster

August 30th, 2022 is the date NFL teams are required to have complete their 53 - man roster.
Injuries have played a huge impact for the roster over the past few weeks. This will be an interesting day to see how the Panthers lineup shakes out.
As the Panthers, reporters and officials make announcements we will update the Carolina Panthers roster news below.
Here is what we know as of now.

Running List of Panthers Cuts/Waives as of 11:30am, per reports
DE Darryl Johnson
DE Austin Larkin
DE Drew Jordan

DB Madre Harper
DB Tae Hayes?
DB Kalon Barnes
S Kenny Robinson

LB Josh Watson

OG Deonte Brown
OG Mike Horton
C Sam Tecklenburg

WR Keith Kirkwood
WR Ra'Shaun Henrey
WR Charleston Rambo
WR Derek Wright
WR Brandon Zylstra

TE Colin Thompson

RB John Lovett

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