This Is The Most Beautiful Place In North Carolina

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America the Beautiful — the country truly earned the title. From the Rocky Mountain highs and low valleys to the bustling cities filled with people living their best life, each state is filled with beautiful, must-see places.

Travel & Leisure search the country to find the most beautiful spot in each state, including this breathtaking and scenic spot in North Carolina. According to the site's self-described subjective list:

"Mother Nature wasn't modest with America, where her handiwork ranges from magical desert mesas to wooded river valleys to whisper-thin barrier islands. You might even say she was particularly heavy-handed when doling out American scenery."

So what is the most beautiful place in North Carolina?

Outer Banks

North Carolina is home to countless trails, state and national parks, and sandy beaches, but the Outer Banks along the coast is considered to be the most beautiful place in the state. With stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, perfect to take in an early-morning sunrise, it is no surprise that the coastal community earned the title.

Here's what Travel & Leisure had to say about the most beautiful place in North Carolina:

"This remote stretch of North Carolina coastline has drawn pirates, colonists, and early aviators Now, it's the realm of beach lovers looking for peace, quiet, white sand, and salt air. Add in the barrier island's wild dunes (including the East Coast's largest) and multiuse paths – it's actually possible to bike the entire 100-plus-mile length of the Outer Banks — and you've got an amazing region for quaint coastal exploration."

Check out the full report here.

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