Hurricane Damages Light Rail, Causes Chaos for Commuters

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Duke Energy restored power to nearly everyone in the Charlotte area over the weekend after Hurricane Michael left tens of thousands in the dark, but there is still some damage around town, including to the Lynx Blue Line, and riders are growing beyond frustrated with the delays.

Crews had to close portions of the light rail to fix equipment that was damaged during the storm, causing chaos for commuters Monday morning.

CATS officials worked Tuesday morning to avoid a repeat of the mess a day earlier -- which saw hundreds of people waiting in long lines for trains and running late to work and school -- but Channel 9 spoke with riders who were fed up.

Charlotte Area Transit System CEO John Lewis apologized to riders for the interruption in a tweet Monday morning, and actually went to the Scaleybark station Tuesday morning, where he was confronted by angry commuters as he tried to smooth things over.

Tropical Storm Michael damaged the Blue Line, so many riders have to catch a bus between stations. For riders who got off at New Bern station on Monday, they will now have to exit at the Scaleybark station to catch a bus.

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