Couple's Forbidden Marriage Became a Heartwarming Love Story 50 Years Later

True love has no time limit. It intertwined the fates of two young lovers from Los Angeles.

Janice Rude and Prentiss Willson got engaged and almost tied the knot, but then it seemed like fate had pushed them together to only drive them apart. It left them disillusioned by love until they realized fate already had a plan for these two love birds.

We've heard countless stories from the 20th century where fathers oppose their young daughter's marriage, leaving her with the decision to either drift away from the love of her life or defy her father's wishes.

Back in that time period, falling in love wasn't that easy. There were no mobile phones or unlimited texting plans to keep you connected with your crush at any moment of the day. You'd have to ask the approval of your parents on many aspects of your life, especially when it came to love.

Both Janice and Prentiss attended Occidental College in the early 1960s. Janice studied biology and Prentiss, a year younger than Janice, studied law. The first time they both laid eyes on each other, they described it as "love at first sight."

Little did they know that they'd have to go on a tumultuous journey to tie the knot five decades later...

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