by Jonathon "Shaggy" Peeler of

 "Here Comes Shag-A-Claus ...
... Here Comes Shag-A-Claus
... Right Down Chesnee Main!"

 Man I love the fall and winter seasons. Sure the ride gets a little colder but doesn’t the good outweigh the bad when you think about it? First off you get to break out the leathers, the ol’ lady skips a few more rides so you get to pack in some solo miles, and the best roads are clear while everyone is out shopping. And the events this time of year also provides some of the best you could ask for. No it not the a$$ packing yuppie festivals of the summer, it’s a more low key affair. Instead of the rows of overpriced vendors you see old friends and make a few new ones. That’s why I always make it a point, come hell or high water, to make the Toy Run on Main in Chesnee SC.

This marks the 11th year since Dennis Harris and Clint Button (of Antique Bikes on Main fame) started this run to support the Kops Kids charity. I first started making this run over four years ago and try my best to make it every year. Like every other show Dennis Harris touches it just keeps getting bigger and bigger, maybe I need to turn him loose on Kamikaze next year. The ride its self is a relatively short one, Kingshit’s odometer only recorded about 20 miles. But the real kicker is pulling back into the field behind Santa’s House at the end of the ride. Now we’ve all done toy runs before, a group of bikers will usually fill up a truck load of toys and that’s the end of it, well not here.  A week before this run a bunch of guys at work kept bringing me toys saying “I gotta work Sunday, take this to the run for me.”  I saw so many people on bikes dropping off their toys and then making a call, only to have a car pull up and drop out another big lot of toys. Please take note of this: that is the only time a chase truck is deemed acceptable!

After the run Thomas Mossberg provided us with an afternoon of classic rock and good Christmas music while all participants of the day were fed free bar-b-que provided by the city of Chesnee. I walked around and just took the opportunity to catch up with good old friends I don’t normally get to see, such as “Wondering” Wally Wershing and Bill Galloway from the Carolina’s branch of U.S. Rider News.  I’ve known these two for many years now and I’m proud to be able to count them as friends. I kissed hands and shook babies all the rest of the day and even found a lead on what is possibly going to be my next bike (and it's not Japanese! ....)

Guys, I know I’ve talked sh!t about fair weather riders in the past, but honestly it was just good natured ribbing. An issue I will press however is this, even if you don’t wanna ride in the cold (or trailer in Fancy’s Case) don’t let an event like this pass without contributing in some kind of way. I had to work during the Greenville toy run but I sent toys by way of a coworker. Sadly I’m going to be working during the Wind Jammers toy run but I still plan to put up my end. I’ve seen the receiving end of this stuff man, believe me you’ve got no idea what kind of true bottom of the heart gratefulness those kids feel when they receive these toys. Believe it or not it benefits you as well, and then you can make the joke “People always make fun of bikers until they need something.”