Ladies, are you ready to try a motorcycle for the right fit?
By Sandy Reece, contributing writer of

The International Motorcycle Shows and Easyriders Motorcycle Shows are upon us all over the US! The tours will soon be coming to the North Carolina area. Ladies, are you ready to try a motorcycle for the right fit? It's similar to shopping for clothes with one exception - the men will WANT to go on this trip! I encourage all ladies to drag the men along and take advantage of a great opportunity to shop for the right motorcycle. These shows are designed to help assist you in your venture. All brands of motorcycles will be displayed for you to "drool" over. A sales representative will be nearby to help answer all your questions. Don't be afraid to ask questions! Some vendors will allow you to sit on the motorcycles to try for the right "fit." (NOTE: make sure motorcycle is not tagged "DO NOT SIT ON MOTORCYCLE")

Ladies, take the time to envision the whole package by placing your feet on the pegs/footboards and image yourself cruising down a long country road. Ask yourself some questions:

  • "Does the motorcycle sit right?"
  • "Is it too heavy to lift off the kickstand?"
  • "Are my legs-feet-shoulders-arms in the proper position for comfort?"

Depending on your riding skill level, the size of the motorcycle might play a role in your decision. If you see another woman rider among the sales floor, approach them and ask questions. Again, don't be afraid! The best advice I've received came from other women riders.

Find the right fit in your moto-clothes!
Shopping for clothes - MOTO-clothes and accessories! What fun! Riding gear doesn't quite fit the same as an outfit from the fancy department stores at the local mall. You really need to try on for the right fit! If you need a jacket, make sure once you have it on, sit down and extend your arms. If you need chaps or riding pants, do the same! Take a moment and sit down in a riding position. Make sure it all fits right. Helmets are also a "must" to try on for the right fit.

Don't forget an MSF Course!
Ladies, once you have done all the shopping to find the right fit for yourself, you will be ready for the road with less stress worrying with your attire. Beginner riders: don't forget that MSF course or Rider's Edge course in the budget! Skilled riders: the Advanced MSF course or Rider's Edge course are an awesome refresher!

Enjoy the shows!!