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You’ve always heard the phrase “If These Walls Could Talk” when you stare at an aging home or dwelling.  Who lived here or what happened to the owners to cause such neglect to a beautiful structure?

Let’s take that phrase on the motorcycle and ask ourselves “if the roads could talk….where would it lead us?”  So… take a ride with me as I recall some rides of choice…  My riding companion S-AM and I rode out one Sunday afternoon for a nice afternoon journey around the county roads.  We decided to ride and locate the Rockford General Store off Hwy 601 and Hwy 67 without a GPS or a map to lead us to the store.  We tried to locate the store from memory (previous rides) and were unsuccessful.  So we continue down some nice back roads.  After we found our way back to a main road we recognized and continued home defeated, but we were never lost.  The saying goes…. “If you have fuel – you are not lost!”  Once I got home and looked at my trusty map – I missed ONE turn to the General Store.  We were actually riding all around it but never took the “right” turn in the direction of the store.  Oh well… next time!  In the meantime while riding around the area… we would arrive at a stop sign – so I looked to my riding companion and say “OK, which way now?”  J  She would reply “Let’s go right or that looks like a nice road.”  All the while, the roads were saying to us…”Hey lady…turn here!… the store is down on the left!”

Recently I started riding my motorcycle during my lunch hour more often to tackle my new hobby of photography.  It’s also helping my stress level by getting out of the office and breathing some fresh air for at least an hour.  I have started exploring the local back roads (within an hour from office) to find some nice roads and scenery.  I found a road called “Covered Bridge Road”… nice! where’s the covered bridge?  After some inquiries, I learned the bridge was condemned and a new bridge constructed. My thoughts go back in time to the covered bridge’s traveled days.  Who crossed this bridge?  How old was it before it was torn down?   The search continues…   But, I have managed to find a Covered Bridge though…Pisgah Covered Bridge near Asheboro…another ride – another story.

I also discovered Hwy 66 leading out of Kernersville – between Moores Spring Road/Hwy 268/Hwy 89… it’s a micro-mini Dragon tail of twistys.  The road even “speaks” as you make your way through the turns with a message on the pavement “SLOW DOWN”.  (I really think the local residents are being pro-active with spray paint for thru-traffic.)

A leisure ride turns into an adventurous journey through back roads and a direction challenge.  I called my dad and asked him if he wanted to go for a ride one day.  I told him I would be over in an hour or so. I live in Winston Salem and my dad lives in Yadkinville.  I decided to take some secondary roads to his home.  I had a full tank and my mobile phone in case of an emergency.  Unfortunately, my hour ride turned into 2+ hours and my mobile phone GPS app was useful when I decided I better figure out my exact location in reference to my dad’s home.  When I eventually arrived at his home, he was getting ready to put his motorcycle away and go inside and watch TV.  He assumed I wasn’t coming…   I apologized and admitted that I went exploring and ended up on the wrong side of the county!  (But I wasn’t lost….I had fuel!)  I have decided that I’m directionally challenged…so I’ll rely on maps in the future.  I highly recommend a North Carolina State Road mapbook!  It shows all the secondary roads.

When the road speaks… you ride everything it has to offer!  You ride its straightaway pavement – you ride its twisty curvatures – you ride up hill – you ride downhill – you ride the distance…

For some reference material before venturing out…check this site:

Enjoy the road…it’s calling you!    ~  Sandy Reece