by Quesadilla

Note from The Editor of The Carolina Rider: For those of you Bike Report readers who aren't familiar with this particular writer of ours, you must know that this 4-footed wonder is none other than a Harley-riding chihuahua named Quesadilla who goes by Quece.  Quece has been "writing" for us for a couple months and does a paws-down great job of giving us a howling-good story each time! Enjoy....

Saturday morning and Dad is back at work…I am thinking that sleeping in is a great idea.  But why is Mom grabbing her boots?  Oh Hell NO!  She isn’t going riding without me! (without Dad, yes, but not me!)  Something about a Fox, a Gecko, the USO and barbecue.  I have been told I look like a fox, I have no clue what the lizard and “USO” are, but I like barbecue and riding!  I’m in!  Where is my HD leather jacket!

Fog, lot’s of fog as we head down 16 toward Charlotte.  I can see some sun peeking through the thick clouds above as we turn onto Independence Blvd.   Folks on Independence Blvd. spend a lot of time sitting at these intersections.  While they sit in their cages they smile and yell through the windows to Mom and Me.  It happens a lot…I don’t know why they just don’t go get a bike and a dog?  I bark and bark and bark but they just don’t listen! They just sit talking with smiles and ask   “does your dog like to ride?”

We make a turn into a shopping center and the sun is finally shining down on a great big “blow up” fox (that looks like me) dancing to classic rock in front of a van with “99.7” painted on it.    We park next to about 30 bikes of all breeds, and follow the riders into a big Lebo’s store!  I am not much for walking, which isn’t a problem, because there were plenty of bikers willing to carry me!  While Mom signed up for the ride, contributed money to the USO and got her “Passport” and 99.7 “The Fox” t-shirt I got to cuddle up with Morgen and some of “The Fox” crew.  (sure beats walking).

Turns out the money goes to The USO of North Carolina and their mission statement is: The USO lifts the spirits of America’s troops and their families.  You get a passport to go to the different “sponsor” locations, and when they stamp it, you are one step closer to winning $1500!!!!  Wow, give and get no wonder bikers love to ride!  This was the NC USO BIKE TOUR .

By the time we pulled out of the Lebo’s parking lot it was a little after 11 and there are now over 50 bikes in the parking lot.  We didn’t have to ride in a group, but after all the mingling we ended up riding in a group of about 20 bikes towards “Iron Horse Motorcycles” in Monroe.  I think Mom was one of three women on their own bike.  I am proud of her! ( I was the only dog!)

The “Iron Horse” parking lot was busy, and they were cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for us!  Yum!  The showroom was so busy, they told customers to grab a balloon so they would know which customers to assist!  Cool idea! (was that your idea Big Mike?)  I got a lap to sit on in the shade while Mom shopped.

We met Barbara who works at Corning.  Her friends knew back roads to get to the next two stops, so we tagged along with them.  We wound through 601 toward concord, looking at farm country and traffic free riding.  As soon as we got to 29 it was an easy turn into “Concord Tractor”.  We get our passports stamped hop back on the bikes and take a quick ride across the street to Ridenow Powersports.

Ridenow Powersports was cooking on the grill too, and had a giant cooler of drinks for us.  There Showroom is huge and out front was a Victory Truck trailer with bikes displayed on the parking lot.  A lot of us hung out for a while here.  The sun was out, the weather was perfect, and now Mom was mingling to find our next biker to tailgate!  Because the day was still young, a few riders were planning to go shoot some pool before heading to Lancaster’s in Mooresville.  Mom chose to ride with Richard and a group that wanted to ride a few more backroads.  (she sucks at Pool!)

We followed Richard down 29 and it looked like we were heading toward China Grove.  He turned on to NC 152 and we were back on those wonderful winding scenic (no traffic) roads again.  When we passed the Mooresville Dragway I knew exactly where I was.

Once we got to 150 It was Mom’s turn to guide us to Lancaster’s Barbecue.  We know where that is.  We have participated in the  “Hawg Trawgh”  bike nights, and the food is MMMMM !

Mom took the right turn, and dragged her pipes up the steep sharp curve of Rinehardt Road, and all the bikes followed.  Our tent was set up and offering the chance to win free nights in Maggie Valley.  The Lizard, I mean Gecko, was Geico Insurance, who helped promote the USO Bike Tour, was set up on the hill.  Ridenow Powersports had the trailer and tent set up in the parking lot.  And of course 99.7 The Fox had a table full of prizes and gifts ready to give away!  Mom had a chance to meet NC Lt. Commander –Nobie of the USO and found out he is also part of the Coalition of Independent Riders (C.O.I.R.)  a motorcycle group working to protect your rights to ride!

We hung out with “Frog” and “Poni Princess” at “The Carolina Rider” tent, while everyone was signing up to get the E-zine!  I had a lot of pictures taken with the riders, and caught a quick  “dog nap” before all the other riders got there.

The weather on the phone said 0% chance of rain between 3 and 5 pm as the sky got dark, the wind picked up and the rain was blowing in!  Fortunately, the ride was faster than expected and we were okay with starting the drawings and give-aways!  The grand finally prize was the $1500 that a guy named Todd won!  I won too, lot’s of attention, cuddles, and kisses.  We all knew the rain would blow over, and bikers stayed under the cover of the “Hawg Trawgh” and ate the delicious food of Lancaster’s! 

Dad joined us and we ate Barbecue and chicken with “Frog” and “Poni Princess” (part of the TCR team!).  Lucky for us a lot of riders stayed… ‘cause the battery on Mom’s Deuce was dead.  A group of “hot” biker guys…ran behind her bike and pushed it up and down a hill until it cranked!  When we heard the engine turn over and the pipes roar, everyone cheered and I barked a lot!  I am one lucky b!tch!  Thanks to everyone for  riding on the USO Bike Tour promoted by “The Fox” and “Geico”.  And don’t forget to look for more great rides on Calendar!