There is nothing like a bad interview.  I have been preparing for my future unscheduled interview with one Mr. Joshua Michael Homme III since 2005 and have been watching interview after agonizing interviews with him from people who probably only googled him and his band Queens of the Stone Age just the day before.  I watch in horror as he cringes at innappropriate questions, unprepared interviewers or worse...the giddy female DJ that can't get beyond the beefcake on the other side of the couch with her. 



Finally, Queens of the Stone Age poke fun at these bad interviews while still revealing a very intimate side of the band.  Pay attention, there's a quiz!!!


1)  What is the dog's name?

2)  Who are the newest members of the QOTSA line up?

3)  What word describes a person who has too many guitars?

4)  Josh comes from a long family line of masters of what?


Enjoy your snow day!