A cat person, that's what I am.  I love their personalities, figuring out what makes them happy and when one decides that I'm 'awesome' because I can open a can of food, well that's just the best ever.  We 'cat people' tend to sometimes talk about our love for cats a little too much.  To the extent that we become the 'crazy cat person', but that's comes from some people's inability to see just how wonderful it is to be accepted by something that can choose to hate you.  There are stories of cat owners who had cats that they merely co-existed with, that they never formed a bond with because the cat just didn't like them.  I had a friend whose mother's cat would run off for a few days at a time and then just show up until she found out that the cat was actually at the apartment upstairs where they were a completely different cat than the one they saw around the house.  You don't adopt a cat, a cat adopts you and when you find the right match, there is nothing like the bond that forms.  Not all cats are 'youtube' cats.  Some can be quite boring, but if are a quiet person, that might be a great situation.  Believe me, trying to be 'quiet' when a cat really wants to play can be annoying as they are relentless!  So its important to know your limits when adopting.  Although kittens are extremely cute, you sometimes don't know what they are going to grow into so I'm very pro-adopting grown cats whose personalities have set in.  They usually hang at the shelters for a while too which will give you the opportunity to 'court' your potential house cat.  Visit them a few times, see if they remember you...this is important.  You can't just go and 'find' a cat and think it will be happily ever after.  There is adjustment time and a bond that has to happen and new things to acclimate to and maybe even other animals to try and get along with.  I guess my whole point here is that if you want a cat, don't just go get one.  Commit to one.  Figure out what your expectations are in the animal and don't be afraid to ask the shelter people about the personalities of the animals or to be hesitant on your final decision.  You should be prepared to deal with the settling in and commit to it without taking the animal back being an option.  If you ever have questions on life with cats please reach out, I will do anything to help a shelter cat find its furever home.


Many Blessings,