One of my Program Directors is tuned into the fact that I'm a Queens of the Stone Age junkie.  He always forwards any information he gets to me knowing how much joy it gives me.  Honestly, every time this band receives an accolade I cheer like most do for their favorite football team.  Ever since my husband turned me onto them in 2005 I've been hooked on Josh Homme's multi-musicianship and outstanding lyrical content.  I had no idea he'd been writing the soundtrack to my life before that including all the the pending ups and downs of falling in love with the love of your life while still trying to figure out who exactly I am.  When I received the email today telling me they had been nominated for two grammy awards, my heart skipped a beat.  They've been nominated for Best Rock Performance for their song "My God Is the Sun" from their album "...Like Clockwork" which is also nominated for Best Rock Album alongside Black Sabbath (13), David Bowie (The Next Day) and Led Zeppelin (Celebration Day).  This year I will be watching the Grammy Awards just to see if I've been right for the past 10 years of my adoration...Joshua Michael Homme III is a rock genius.  Good luck guys, enjoy the company you keep, that alone speaks volumes.