My darling husband knows that I'm not into flowers.  They die.  With that in mind he has to be creative when it comes to material tokens of affection.  Our love affair's soundtrack is filled with the Queens of the Stone Age catalogue, and their newest album, "...Like Clockwork" meets us at this point of our lives from a band that is at the same pre-middle aged angst stage that we are.  We still have rocking to do with our mortality lurking there in the distance.  We know our time is limited and though we can't always express our fears, they are mystically expressed in this album whose inspiration came from pain and suffering we may not have personally felt but can completely empathize with.  After enjoying the CD so much my husband decided to surprise me with the two disc vinyl copy of "...Like Clockwork" yesterday.  It has to be played at 45 which explains the two discs and it reveals production elements that get lost on the CD release for some reason.  I can't stop thinking about today after listening to it last night.  Of course there isn't much that Josh Homme can do that doesn't make me want to climb the walls and jump my husband, but maybe that's why I adore him as much as I do.

Whether you get it on CD or vinyl, I highly suggest you add "...Like Clockwork" to your collection.  You'll soon find yourself trying to figure out how you missed this band and be glad that you found them while their story is still being written.



PS...Here's Josh answering some fan mail.  His sense of humor and depth are intoxicating.  Enjoy!