Queens of the Stone Age:  Keep Your Eyes Peeled

from:  "...Like Clockwork"


How is it that a song can make you want to jump your spouse, punch pillows or do an impromptu strip tease all by yourself?  Queens of the Stone Age are literally eating up my brain. I have crossed the line of what is appropriate with this band.  If I watched porn as much as I listen and watch them someone would say I have an addiction.  If that is the case, I think I'm beyond help.  Really, I can think of worse conditions to die of, but its this bad:  I dress and put on makeup every day before work for the very possibility that somehow they might make a surprise studio visit.  I long for it, and have no idea how I'll respond if it ever happens, but I continue to dream, for only when you dream, do dreams have a chance to come true.

Rock on,