Drake’s brand new album, "Ready Steady Go!" is available now in retail stores and online. 
Defying today’s pop music clichés, “Ready Steady Go!” features a rockabilly sound, with Drake as a co-writer on tracks “Bitchcraft," "Makes Me Happy," and "Give Me A Little More Time.” 
Music legend Brian Setzer aided the album as Executive Producer. As Drake’s childhood guitar idol, Setzer’s collaboration on the album marks a milestone for the young artist. 
Drake is the most popular TV star in Nickelodeon's history, winning a total of 10 Kid's Choice Awards for his lead role in hit show Drake & Josh. Drake also lends his voice to the animated character of Spider-Man in Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man. 
His film credits also include Jerry Maguire, High Fidelity, Super Hero Movie, College and The Fairly Odd Parents. 
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