Country Music with its ever changing faces and sound. Most of us were there when Kid Rock took Classic Rock to a new high. Colt Ford is another mountain mover. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Colt Ford

Not too many singer/songwriters can lay claim to the fame that they broke open the framework of a house built by tradition. Colt Ford knew the rules when shaking the Georgia clay off the path he was born to play. When it comes to Country Music. The only rule to follow. Is the vibration aching in your heart. If Country didn't come with rebels we'd all be two stepping to Beethoven and Mozart. Waylon, Willie, Cash, Kristofferson and even Hank Sr. Bled the blood of reality due to a passion to set free the harmony of what was being lived on the streets. Hip Hop isn't a 1990's invention. Nor should it be owned by the wisdom of those struggling to stay alive within the unwritten pages of every magazine. This nation has been consumed by what fits onto the front page of every news paper. When the reality of American soil gives off the scent of daily birth it produces vines that wrap themselves around life to new breads of exciting things to be. Sifting through the roots of music's living tree. The veins of what I call vocal pop. The choice to narrate what bleeds from your soul has been bursting onto the scene way before Rock began to roll. A writer sits on the edge of his or her creative flow and narrates the lyrics of a song until it fits each note like a pair of brand new socks. Colt Ford has heard the roar of the people. The channel changers basking in the hum of that Classic Country sound. While requiring a higher right to pound lung filled energy into a it low in volume or blasting through space like rage kissing the tips of an earlobe unconditionally connected to a soul governed by a strung out heart. Colt Ford has helped to push sound through a huge mountain of doubt... so much so... radio has changed its identity and style.