All-Star MLB baseball player Ben Zobrist (Tampa Bay Rays) and pop artist wife Julianna Zobrist are gearing up for the release of their highly-anticipated autobiography Double Play. Co-written with best-selling author Mike Yorkey (Linspired: The Remarkable Rise of Jeremy Lin), Double Play will publish nationwide on April 1, 2014 through B&H Publishing Group, prior to the 2014 MLB season.
Double Play is an autobiography that gives fans a remarkable look into the hearts of an athlete and artist whose talents and devotion to each other, their faith and family make them one of the most respected figures in Major League Baseball and pop music today. Their latest project offers practical insight, encouragement and stories of life and love that both men and women will find inspiration through, to live their lives to the fullest potential, while providing a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life of this powerful couple.
The book features 16 chapters with split narratives between Ben and Julianna, giving readers a candid perspective from each author. From childhood through adulthood, the Zobrists share poignant accounts of life events as they talk about the obstacles faced along the road and the journey that has led them to where they are today.
During the off-season, the Zobrists are dynamic speakers who share about marriage, relationships, baseball and their faith, affecting the lives of others in a powerful way. That impact is seen on the playing field as well, as Sports Illustrated recently named Ben as "one of the most valuable players in baseball," due to his flexibility and his combination of skills.
But, Zobrist sees his purpose for life far beyond baseball or the world’s recognition. "Double Play is raw and honest," says Ben. "(It shares) an honesty that will hopefully spur us all on to seeking out the truth which has absolutely nothing to do with our merit or deeds.”
A recognized pop music artist who is actively involved in film and radio, Julianna shares her husband’s passion for being a testament and witness to others. Exemplified by her current album Say It Now, the title cut encourages others to speak up and live boldly – the music that her husband uses during every MLB game as his walk-up song at home plate.
Coinciding with the release of Double Play, Julianna is currently in the studio recording her third project, working with top producers in Los Angeles and Nashville. Through Julianna’s heartfelt music, she continually touches the heart with her personal lyrics that stem from her love for Ben, her commitment to her family and her passion to share hope and a message of faith and life with a world in need. 
“I want to live a life that shows my daughter how to love her husband like they are newlyweds forever and a life that seizes the crazy moments and makes them fun,” says Julianna. “I want to live a life that shows my children and others watching, how to live fully…not simply how to be balanced.”
In addition to the baseball world, Ben and Julianna often speak and perform at festivals, churches and schools throughout the year. Their impact on those they speak to and the many that they regularly pour their lives out to gives them the drive and motivation to reach out in as many ways as they can. 
“How we were brought together as two pastor’s kids from the nation’s heartland to form a double-play combination, is a unique story that we love to share,” says Ben. “Now we’re teaming up in Double Play to share our journey.”
The Zobrists live in Tennessee for four months out of the year during the baseball off-season; Port Charlotte, Fla. for a month and a half during spring training; and then in Tampa Bay for the regular season. Out of the six baseball months, they are on the road for half of them. As parents to two young children, the Zobrists know that their lifestyle involves sacrifices, but they are also willing to make those sacrifices to be together as a family as much as possible. They know where their commitment lies.
Double Play is a powerful and vulnerable account of the heart. “You may be entertained sometimes, hopefully encouraged and perhaps challenged even,” says Julianna.
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