Is a Classic Rocker's persona and performance copyrighted material? Ozzy Osbourne says yes. He's swinging his Ozzy fist. Trying to take the fizz out a Baltimore brewery's Ozzy beer. It's a Belgian strong pale ale. The outside shell. Features the very tatoo the Black Sabbath frontman has been sporting since the beginning of the first guitar riff. Although a settlement is currently in the works. Ozzy is all business. Claiming his name, face, music...Oz is 100%trademarked. But is it? The beer can doesn't say Ozzy Osbourne. It clearly states: Ozzy. The end result will probably be Mr. Osbourne charging a licensing fee. Chugging Ozzy will resume. Until then. Let this be a man cave lesson. Home brews and IP's are totally 2014. Just know the rules before putting on a shelf to be sold. As long as the world keeps stealing music off the web. Musicians and artists are going to figure out a way to cash in.