The Top 5 things that are guaranteed to happen when you become a Rock Star!   5. Bad tour bus 4. Studio producers that think they know more than musicians 3. Ugly groupies in the front row three nights in a row 2. No place to put 1,000 boxes of band t-shirts and cozies   1. Suing someone in the band for not living up to someone's expecatations Musicians suing musicians.... nothing new right?  What about Roger Waters publically admitting that he regrets the moment he decided to haul Pink Floyd into court? He just wanted the band to stop using the name.   Yesterday.  Roger Waters announced, "I was wrong!... "  Wait wait...the natural thing for fans of Classic Rock would be to think:  Pink Floyd is about to reunite. That's not gonna happen.  Roger Waters used this repenting moment to promote a new studio solo album.  Claiming that being away from the band has allowed more creative freedom.   Waters has no problem admitting, "It was the correct thing for us to split up, or for me to leave if you like, so I could express my ideas unfettered. And my ideas are still... You know I've had a few breakthroughs recently which I won't talk about, but I am going to make another record. I've had a very very strong idea, and I shall pursue it, and I will make at least one more record and I am really looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into it." Fans in the UK can tune in today (September 19th) to listen to the full interview where he discusses other controversial topics. The show airs on BBC World News at 0330, 0830, 1430 and 2030 GMT and on BBC Two at 1035am.