People are calling it "Sirvana."

The surviving members of Nirvana (bassist Krist Novoselic, drummer Dave Grohl, and touring guitarist Pat Smear) joined Sir Paul McCartney on stage in Seattle on Friday night.  It was not the first time the Seattle grunge legends and Beatle joined forces.  They recorded a track for Grohl's Sound City documentary soundtrack and performed it live in December.

But, this was Seattle.  Nirvana's hometown.

McCartney told Rolling Stone, "They're powerful, you know.  It's a great power to have them on stage with you. I mean, my band's great, but when you augment it with Nirvana, that's greater."

According to McCartney, Grohl was coming to Seattle for the show.  McCartney asked him if Novoselic and Smear would be interested in playing.  Everybody was up for it.

We are wondering if they are up for more.