Van Halen singer David Lee Roth has said that he is a "wanderer" before.  That's one of the reasons he has never been married.

In an interview with the Australian newspaper Brisbane Times, Roth discussed his love life.  The singer revealed that he has a serious girlfriend, but doesn't think he will ever get married.  Roth explains:

"I live in Tokyo and hang out with a girl half my age and it's no longer a legal issue [laughs]. It was not an impulsive move to come here. We are in love and my girlfriend is Japanese. As far as getting married now, I still don't think it's for me. I have issues, which stem from my past. I am a wanderer; I was sent to my first shrink when I was six because my parents thought I had autism. They were wrong. The Roth side of the family always settled down later in life."

Roth also talked about his first kiss and his first time having sex.  We also learn that he has had "four great loves" in his life.  He is still good friends with those women.