The Rolling Stones' long time bassist has no plans to perform with the band.  He gave it a shot last year for the band's 50th anniversary shows.  He played bass on a couple of songs with The Rolling Stones in London.

Wyman explains to the Huffington Post"They'd asked me the December before, and I had to jam with them for three days. I was under the impression I was going to get really involved, but when it came to it, they only wanted me to do two songs, which was very disappointing."

After jamming with his old band, Wyman says he realized that it would never be right:

"If you try to go back and have a relationship with someone, it doesn't work, and it's the same musically. It doesn't work. It was a one-off. Five minutes. Ok, never again. No regrets, we're still great friends."

Wyman is working on other projects.  He recently released a coffee table book called Bill Wyman's Scrapbook.  It features photos and notes from Wyman's life.  The bassist grew up in London during World War II.  Pictures of his childhood and family are featured along with his time with the Stones.