On May 5, 1990 at the World Famous Milestone club in Charlotte North Carolina, Nirvana performed over an hour long performance to about 10 people. In 2012, audio from that show surfaced on YouTube and the quality is pretty incredible! Enjoy as the band rips through a setlist featuring Floyd The Barber, Dive, About a Girl, Polly, Pay to Play (an early version of Stay Away), In Bloom and a lot more! Keep in mind that this performance was about one month after the band joined Butch Vig to record early versions of songs which would ultimately make it onto 'Nevermind.' 

The audio includes all the breaks in the set, guitar tuning and banter between the guys on-stage, so even though you weren't there, it sure feels like it! Kurt even changes the lyrics of "Love Buzz" to reflect his displeasure with a brand new guitar he bought at 13:30:

"Would you believe me and I tell you, I brought a brand new guitar. It cost me a $125 dollars and it really SUCKS! Can you feel my love buzz..."

Today, Kurt Cobain would have been 47.