Nick Mason Bringing Early Floyd to Seattle!

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has played Comfortably Numb enough'd think a guy at his age and with his bank account would be comfortable in retirement...but he's feeling restless, and perhaps a bit nostalgic....for the old stuff...from Pink Floyd's early days. As you may have heard, he's put together a band to perform live...songs he hasn't played for damn near 50 years! What you likely haven't heard, Saucerful of Secrets is coming to Seattle! Wednesday March 13th in the Paramount Theater. He took time to call Scott Vanderpool to tell him about it...Scott manages to let him know he's covered early Floyd songs with his unpopular original rock bands, and open himself up to massive copyright lawsuits...and Nick lets him off easy! What a swell guy! So how much will it cost him? Listen below!

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