How the Beatniks Provoked the 60's Generation

Rock and roll was seen as an act of rebellion, while the kids said it was just music. The adults at that time were right. Rock and Roll has been an ongoing counter culture that has challenged what the day considers to be 'normal'. Frank Sinatra hated rock music and did everything he could to keep it off the radio. Rock and Roll was once accused of being a communist weapon to conquer America through our youth (sound familiar?). Fear is always the best way to control a population of people.

In recent days, corporate America has been able to get a handle on the rock and rollers, you don't seem much in the way or originality anymore, just singers looking for fame singing songs that have already proven to be winners, or created by song writers with a knack for simple hook that repeats over and over, over pre-recorded 'beats' that everyone seems to want to sell now. The Beatnik culture has somehow returned, only they aren't really saying anything that matters anymore, instead they offer meaningless earworms that stick in your head.

"Can you see my silhouette"

"Bitch better bring my money"

"Meet me in the middle"

"Bitches love cake"


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