Morgen Review: Charlize Theron in "Tully"

Charlize Theron pulls off yet another amazing performance in "Tully". I find it sad that the first time I ever heard of this film was when I found it as I scrolled through new movies available through my HBO NOW subscription. This movie deserves way more coverage than it got. Charlize gained a good 50lbs to play the part of a mother of three. Well, two, then three. She's pregnant with baby number three as the movie begins and doesn't seem very happy about it. Her sarcasm about the "miracle" inside of her is palpable and a bit confusing. Is she happy and has a dry sense of humor about it? Is she fed up? What's going on? She's fed up. I'll save you that. She's fed up like any mother who realizes all her best years are behind her and all she has to look forward to is more of the same. That damn hamster wheel of a mother's life. Change the baby, feed the baby, burp the baby, bathe the baby, try to sleep while baby sleeps, rinse repeat.

It's more than a look at motherhood though, its a look at parenthood as a whole. It's about how easy it is to take your partner for granted. It's also about not letting go of who you are and allowing yourself to conquer the world as the person you've always been, not the person people expect you to be.

This was a surprising joy ride of a movie that ended with a delightful cry where I shouted "AMEN SISTER!!!!"

"Tully" starring Charlize Theron, now playing on HBO NOW.

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