Dear Moms:

Your children are indeed the most beautiful thing ever created.  They rely on you to lift them up and encourage them to reach for the stars.  While you are holding that ladder for them to climb and promising you'll catch them if they fall please consider that when you are in your seventies that this man child may be sleeping on your couch as he approaches fifty while still claiming that a record deal is just another recording session away.  Mom, its time to step up.  Its time to tell your boy that although there are a lot of women looking to make the mistake of sleeping with a man who holds an instrument after consuming the right amount of alcohol, that those toothless wonders look way different after you both sober up.  Baby boy needs a back up plan with his dream.  This needs to be instilled early on.  He needs to get a job, a real job until his dream job pays the bills. 





P.S.  If your boy cannot perform Pink Floyd properly, I depend upon you to take him to the wood shed and give him what's coming to him.