Tony Iommi and the rest of Black Sabbath fired Ozzy Osbourne from the band in 1979.  Iommi said it was due to Ozzy's substance issues and the fact that singer was unreliable.  But, Iommi says the issues they had were "purely business."  Iommi tells Birmingham Mail, "The truth is that Ozzy and I have never really fallen out personally."

Iommi and Osbourne are back together now in Black Sabbath and the band will release a new album in June.  Black Sabbath will also tour despite Iommi's ongoing battle with cancer.  But, if it wasn't for Ozzy, he might not be doing as well as he is doing.  Iommi says Ozzy was the one who pestered him to go to the doctor:

“Ozzy was the one who kept on at me to go to the doctors because he was concerned about me, and he has been very supportive since I was diagnosed. In fact, all the guys in the band have been great."

Iommi goes on to say of Ozzy, "He really is the Iron Man."

Osbourne is actually battling his own issues.  Ozzy recently admitted that he's been drinking and taking drugs, again.