In 2010, Poison front-man Bret Michaels was rushed to the hospital with a brain hemorrhage.  He spent some time in critical condition.  Luckily, he's much better now.

But, in addition to the health scare, Michaels was in an incredibly awkward position.  When the hemorrhage happened, Michaels was watching porn.

He explained the story to Conan O'brien.  Michaels tells the story:

“I was sitting on my couch — I wish it was a much more dramatic story than that,” Michaels said of the night in 2010 when he was rushed to the hospital with a bleeding brain. “My daughters had just gone to sleep, and I’m a sports fanatic, so I was watching the MLB Channel. This is in April, so baseball was just kicking up. The channel was on a break, so I switched over, and ‘Busty Cops 3: To Protect and Serve’ had come on — it was one of the channels I had happened to surf through. True story, I’m not lying. I paused for a second for a commercial break.”