Black Sabbath helps your garden grow.

Chris Beardshaw, a garden expert, is making that claim.  Beardshaw revealed that an experiement using Black Sabbath music showed that plants were stronger when exposed to the band's songs.

Beardshaw tells BBC Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time that he set up four glasshouses to test the theory.  In one house, there was no noise, another had Black Sabbath, one had classical music and the other had Cliff Richard.  He says the plants in the silent room grew tall as expected.  But, Beardshaw adds:

"The ones with Black Sabbath — great big, thumping noise, rowdy music — they were the shortest, but they had the best flowers and the best resistance to pest and disease."

He added that the plants exposed to classical music were weak and the ones exposed to 50s British pop star Cliff Richard died.  Although, he says, "sabotage was suspected."