The Rolling Stones kicked off their "50 and Counting" tour on Friday in Los Angeles.  They packed the arena, but they had to sell a lot of discounted tickets at the last minute to fill it up.

Regular tickets cost up to $625 on the tour.  VIP tickets can go as high as $2,000.  The band have faced extensive criticism for the high ticket prices.

A source tells The Guardian that the band might be forced to take a pay cut.  They reportedly are scheduled to make $20 million a show:

"Total disaster. Too expensive and no vibe on the shows…it's a terrible way to go out...What's the band gonna do? Say we're not going to play if you touch our gross?"

Part of the problem is that the ticket prices, not the shows, have become the story.  Other artists, particularly Kid Rock, are capitalizing on lowering ticket prices and are able to point to The Stones as the enemy to fans.