Earlier this week, we told you about Evie Branan.  She's a 79-year-old Bob Seger fan who spent five years in a coma.  When she woke up, her first words were, "I want to go to a Bob Seger concert."

She got her wish Thursday night.  Branan attended the Bob Seger show at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan.  She was also invited to Seger's dressing room where she was able to meet the man himself.

In the backstage area, Branan was treated a celebrity.  Crowds of people recognized her and wanted a picture with the instant celebrity.  One of those people was Alto Reed, the band's saxophone player.  On meeting Branan, Reed said:

"She's a sweetheart. She's a celebrity now and it's beautiful.  Life is magic. Magic happens every day and she's an example of that. Never give up."

Bob Seger will perform in Charlotte on April 25th.