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Brian May says there appears to not be anything seriously wrong with him. 

The Queen guitarist explains in a fan club newsletter update that he still has "some problems to solve," but so far each test "confirms that the worst fears were unfounded."  He adds that going through a medical scare "sure makes you come to a new appreciation of life and health," which are "gifts we all often take for granted." 

May includes a few more details in a "Bri's Soapbox" update.  He says one test was a prostate biopsy, which was negative for cancer.  He admits the news was "a great relief," and he "celebrated in the studio with a cup of tea."  Brian adds that he's very grateful and a bit overwhelmed by all the support he's received since revealing his condition. 

Brian says he's also been keeping busy on the musical front, and that "some Queen magic is happening."  In the newsletter he promises to have "exciting news" about their musical "We Will Rock You" in the coming months.  He says they've been discussing "new plans for Freddie for a Day and the Mercury Phoenix Trust this year," and making progress on the upcoming Queen album -- which will include at least three previously unreleased tracks featuring Freddie Mercury. 

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