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Alice Cooper has his "Wayne's World" jacket back.  A post on the rocker's says the John Richmond black leather jacket Cooper wore in the the 1992 Mike Myers-Dana Carvey film has been returned. .

Cooper's camp was contacted last by the Los Angeles police last month and notified of the jacket's recovery.  Police say a man who wished to remain anonymous claimed to have found the jacket behind a dumpster in Culver City.  He apparently recognized the jacket, and simply wanted Cooper to get it back - he wasn't interested in a reward. 

Cooper lost the jacket after a break-in at a Los Angeles storage facility in March 2012.  

Thieves also took the sculpture used for the cover photo of Alice's "Hey Stoopid" album and many vinyl records.  Those items haven't been recovered.  At the time of the burglary Cooper noted that his storage space was just one of several units that were hit, so he didn't think he had been personally targeted. 

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