The Black Keys' singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach is in the middle of a brutal divorce.  Auerbach is claiming that his ex-wife Stephanie Gonis tried to commit suicide twice in one day.  Gonis allegedly cut herself in front of the couple's daughter and almost burned down their house.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Gonis is claiming that the cutting incident was the result of years of abuse and that the fire was an accident.  Gonis voluntarily committed herself and spent time in a treatment center.

Dan Auerbach currently has custody of their daughter.  Stephanie gets supervised visitation, but will not get more parental rights until a judge agrees that she is not a risk to the girl.

Recently, Auerbach's name came up in regards to another rock musician's divorce.  Jack White apparently ranted against Auerbach in emails sent to his ex-wife.  White's claim is that Auerbach and The Black Keys "ripped off" his music.