A Michigan preacher believes that Godsmack promoted evil and Satan.  So, he attempted to get organizers to cancel a Godsmack concert at the 2013 Jackson County Fair.

But, fair organizers said the show will go on.

Rev. Timothy Nelson from St. Mary's Parish tells Michigan Live, "If you look at the name Godsmack, what does that mean? Do you smack God?  The name is irreverent and when you look at the lyrics it’s less than edifying.”  He also takes issue with Godsmack's opener, Pop Evil.  "It leaves the suggestion that evil is not that bad. Evil is very bad."

Nelson led a group of about 40 Michigan residents to a fair board meeting.  Several spoke out against Godsmack performing.  One of them was Billie Buda who said, "Their (fair board) mission statement says it is a family-oriented venue. This goes against their own mission statement.  There are a lot of bands that are good and some that are into witchcraft and the devil."

The show will happen on Monday, August 5.  Organizers say ticket sales are going well.

Godsmack laughed off the complaints on Twitter.