Jack White and Karen Elson divorced in 2011.  They threw a party together to celebrate it.  So, it seemed like they were still on good terms.


Elson filed for a restraining order against White.  She claims that the musician has a violent temper and frequently harrasses her.  Jack White apparently wants to help raise his children, but his ex-wife believes he is unfit to parent.

According to the restraining order obtained by the Nashville City Paper, Jack White berated Elson for various problems.  Two particular stories are interesting because they involve "rival musicians."

Jack White allegedly asked Elson to get their children out of a class because a child of another musician was present.  He also was upset at Elson because she went to another musician's wedding.  In both incidents, White was upset because the musicians "ripped off" his music.  The names of the "rival musicians" aren't mentioned in the article.

White and Elson have a hearing on the issue in August.

The couple met on the set of the White Stripes' video for Blue Orchid.