Alberto Del Rio stopped by The END Listener Lounge to talk to Rozak and Benny aka "El Diablo" before his WWE Smackdown event at the Time Warner Cable Arena. Del Rio's family has a history of wrestling so it's no suprise that he's become the two-time World Heavyweight Champion. Being from Mexico, Del Rio is a superstar back home. Rozak asked him what the vibe is like in his hometown now that's he's in the WWE.

Rozak: "Be Honest, how much of a Bad A$$ are you back there (in Mexico)?"
Del Rio: "It was just fantastic. One of the best receptions of the night." 

The interview was lengthy but be sure to watch as Del Rio discusses how he dealt with fans walking into the ring back as he was getting started! Check out the full video and skip ahead using our index below:

1:20 - A Blessing to be a WWE Superstar
2:34 - Discusses missing the Olympics in Austrailia
4:01 - Wrestlers Del Rio idolized as a kid
5:40 - Going back to Mexico as the World Heavyweight Champion
7:47 - Involvement with the United States Troops
10:24 - Has anyone tried to hassle you as you walk into the ring?
12:00 - What does Del Rio like to collect?
12:45 - Would Del Rio encourage his son to be a Wrestler?