MELOPHOBIA: A fear of music.

On Cage The Elephant’s third album, Melophobia, the rock band was faced with the challenge of finding cohesiveness in the ideas of five different people. After touring for nearly five years straight on their prior releases, 2008’s Cage The Elephant and 2011’s Thank You, Happy Birthday, the musicians took some time off the road, to write as individuals before getting back together in August of 2012 to begin work on Melophobia as a collective.

When singer Matt Shultz, guitarist Brad Shultz, bassist Daniel Tichenor, guitarist Lincoln Parish, and drummer Jared Champion emerged from the recording sessions, the result was a varied collection of unabashedly vivid and notably thoughtful rock songs. Melophobia is not so much about a fear of music but a fear of not pushing music to its potential.

Hosted by Jim McGuinn, Cage The Elephant Melophobia features Matt Shultz and Lincoln Parish giving listeners an intimate take on the making of their new album.

Listen to the interview below